Sunday, July 08, 2007


Another moment of silence

Eight months after her mother died, it's time pay respects to another dear friend of mine: Etta Kaniel ע"ה.
For all of my life until I moved to my current town, there was nobody for me to really make friends. As a result, much of my time was spent in the apartment directly below ours on 13 Rechov Sireni. This was the home of the Kaniels, Yisrael and Etta, and their sons Shaul, Avichai, and Yehoshua. While not actually becoming truly friendly with any of them, they were very nice folks.
Oh, Shaul... in my mind you are still that sweet, smiling little boy of 7 who is known by the nickname "Shauli"... but last night I saw you saying Kaddish over your mother, taken from us so tragically at age 48, and you looked so grown-up and every inch your 17 years...
Etta was a true original, a loving mother who was gregarious, outspoken and kind. But life had not been kind to her lately--both her mother and her sister died within the last year, and she was diagnosed with cancer. Still, she went down fighting to the last.
Her funeral, which started at 11:30 last night, was the first one I ever attended. I hope I never have to come to another one.

TODAY'S BOOK: "7 Deadly Wonders", by Matthew Reilly ((c) 2006)


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