Sunday, July 15, 2007


What's to like and not to like about Blogger

1. Easy-to-use, hands-on blogging.
2. The wonderfully random Question & Answer in the Profile.
3. The editing process.
4. Limitless place for links in the Template.
5. The homepage is easy to navigate.
6. Labels.
7. Wakka wakka.*

1. They have not yet chosen me for a Blog of Note.
2. Every time I come here I have to sign in. That "Remember Me" option is broken and it makes things a right pain in the neck.
3. The "Comments" section is variable as to whether I can actually enter it, and when I do it's sometimes needlessly picky about letting me post there.
4. Forcing me to upgrade. Look, the former version may have been more primitive, but I wanted to switch over in my own sweet time.
4a. And now that I've upgraded, I've lost the option to Search all of the blogs instead of just my own. A-noy-ying!
5. The "Help" section is miniscule.
6. For once, random is not good--the vagary of the "Next Blog" button.
7. The "Profile" section is still primitive--I can put my astrological sign up, but not my birth date. 'Sup with that?
8. The link to a picture in a post does not automatically open in a new window. Trivial, but nonetheless there.
9. Wakka wakka*.
11. An' another thing! After first publishing this post, I participated in a survey about feedback on the Blogger systems. There was only one catch: I COULDN'T SUBMIT MY ANSWERS! BLOGGER, YOU REEK!

* - People fluent in Wakka Wakka by now should be able to decipher these on their own.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Tom Sawyer, Detective", by Mark Twain ((c) 1896)

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