Wednesday, October 24, 2007


76th post

Dress code, yes; uniform, no. Those are words to live by.
When life hands you lemons, make dishwashing fluid, hock it, buy artificial flavoring with the proceeds, and make lemonade.
Never give up! Unless, of course, the situation is completely hopeless.
There is a secret code running throughout this sentence, which is why this sentence is very long, length being a useful in hiding concealed messages and obtained via a non-paltry abundance of words, which comprise nouns, vowels, adjectives, and all those other boring stuff that you learned in school, a place that I royally detest (and hopefully you do too).
This is a matter that only those with the ability to ken will be able to wot of it.
Sure, Peter Piper may have picked that peck of pickled peppers, but does it happen to mention how much he paid for them? Well, it just so happens that Peter Piper paid a pair of pounds, plus a pitiful penny to pack them.
Some stuff is just plain dirtier than dirt, and that's why people don't step in it.
Do those meteoroligists ever take into account a storm's feeling when they downgrade it? Here's this fella (or gal), building itself up for the big time, pumping air fronts, lifting waves, making some noise, and all of a sudden it finds out it's not even a hurricane anymore! Nasty meteorologists.

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Contest Kid and the Big Prize", by Barbara Brooks Wallace ((c) 1977)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Political cartoonist Daryl Cagle runs this webpage, containing cartoons from top American (and occasional international) cartoonists on a variety of popular subjects, going back six years. Now you can relive all the hot-button topics you missed or still miss!


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