Wednesday, November 21, 2007


"Legend of Zelda" protagonist (plural) is now even less easily navigable than before, if you can believe it ... was supposed to have their redesigning done by August, instead they're at the supposedly temporary domain of ... A-Z Lyrics's search engine is pretty low-tech ... SoundTrack Lyrics got a simpler and easier-to-use homepage ... with the end of the Harry Potter series, Beyond Hogwarts has had a much lower output ... the Marvel Universe has become a victim of its own complexity, now bloated, barely navigable, and above all plagued with a new and supremely unattractive layout ... Overture has stopped being a search engine and shall be stricken from the record ... for the first time I can remember, has not made any major layout changes over a 12-month period ... DC Comics replaced their clunky old "Series Adverts" section on their homepage with a higher-tech scroll-through selection of on-the-shelf titles, and added a helpful section featuring bite-sized bios of selected heroes and villains ... Web Sudoku comes with more options than ever, including Jigsawdoku and other variations ... in case you haven't noticed, the links list has meanwhile been modified ... has become a case study in inertia ... I can no longer enter because every time I try a virus attacks my computer ... Peekvid offers more choice than ever but I no longer use it ... just checking to make sure you're still paying attention ... I'm pretty sure Dav Pilkey has not updated his website since 2005 ... has stopped hosting Google's search engine and shall join Overture in the dustbin ... Dark Roasted Blend now offers "Biscotti Bits" as well as Link Lattes; each one comes with a series of pictures that, amusingly, all link back to the bottom link on the list ... Cartoon Network takes a bleep-load of time to load pages, so enter at your own risk

TODAY'S BOOK: "Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage", by Alfred Lansing ((c) 1959)


Hi It's Jon at mbtn. Sorry. I had a guy working with me on the redesign but he bailed. Soon.
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