Monday, February 11, 2008


102nd post

Over two months after publicly complaining about it (82nd post) and even longer since the problem first arose, Zuda Comics have finally graciously allowed me to be able to log in and influence the vote on the best webcomic in competition. Last month there was no clear-cut winner for me, but this time I have a candidate to throw my inconsiderable weight behind, and that's Starfish. It has the most compelling storyline and terrific artwork, and is overall utterly compelling. Running a close second is Will Wrestle: For Science, which also has good artwork and interesting character designs but unfortunately has a plot and narration that lack coherence. Joe Comics starts good (the first page is my favorite) but loses its springiness toward the end. Teachers and The Passenger both sucked utterly; the rest did not interest me.
Personally, I'm going to postpone any participation in competing in this until I learn better graphic arts (all I can do now is simple coloring). Maybe in about a year.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Extra Nutty! Even More Letters from a Nut", by Ted L. Nancy ((c) 2000)


Starfish sucks ... I guess you´re blind, what´s good in that shit man. Your tastes SUCK.
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