Wednesday, March 26, 2008


110th post

Those of you who actually follow this blog know that my strength lies in my drawing abilities. But would you have guessed that I can write, too? Neither did I, but the ISS was foolish enough to swallow that line and ran a two-part article by me on Spring Training 2008, with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Read all about my random thought on the AL and NL! Then, once you're done with that, feast your eyes on my post on FanIQ that predicts the upcoming season, written in the same vein.
Also, it's that time of year again.

TODAY'S BOOK: "My Turn At Bat: The Story of My Life", by Ted Williams and John Underwood ((c) 1969)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Not an addition but a removal. Say goodbye to the stinky The Marvel Universe, meanwhile, gets a stay of execution for upgrading its layout.

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