Sunday, July 20, 2008


149th post

I think I'm about ready to enter "Officially Freaked Out" mode. I mean, this is even worse than that whole awardspace business. Starting with an unknown fella from Houston, Texas, USA at Jul 18 2008 4:11:20 am, 24 (out of the past 28!) hits have come via Google Image searches for "blowfish". They come from Ireland, from Germany, from Denmark and the UK and Norway and Mexico, from Zanesville and Iowa City and Berkeley and San Francisco and Jacksonville Beach, and even Canada--twice! So I ask ye, people of the blogosphere: what has possessed you to bump up my blowfish pic into 7th place on Google's image search page? And why (oh dear sweet Lord why!!!) are you so obsessed with Tetraodontidae all of a sudden????

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Avion My Uncle Flew", by Cyrus Fisher ((c) 1946)


Randomly Reprinted Comment:


Is this guy hispanic or the Count from Sesame Street?

"Vun hundred und two poosts.. ah-hah-hah-haah!"
*waggles finger* Clevah boogah.
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