Saturday, August 23, 2008


"Yes, but can you dance?"

"Hey hey, let's watch the lips sink!"
"I'm standing next to Norm Abrams! I'm touching Norm Abrams! I'M HOLDING NORM ABRAMS OVER MY HEAD!"
"Of course you do, but that's because you're insane!"
"Aw, nut-bunnies!"
"Laugh with me, laugh with me!"
"I've got a thuuuumbtack under my fanny."
"I'm gonna need some more rope."
"No, come closer. A little more. Closer still. Hold it right there!"
"I am not a weenie, you are the weenie!"
"Nobody was hurt in the previous scene--including me..."
"The mind boggles."
"That was cheap, shallow and driven solely by hormones. Works for me!!"
"If I want to drink myself into some papaya-induced hallucination that's my business."
"That your family?"
"We're the Idiotic Police. We've come to arrest you for being totally idiotic."
"Those Egyptians were some good builders. You can't even see the spackle."
"Dexter! What have me told you about going ptbpthpph?"
"Wow! I'll bet that used up half our animation budget."
"The key to the show is Newman."
"If you look out your right windows, you will see: the right wing."
"This is a test of the emergency broadcast system."
"This is Ingmar, my mute butler. He's mute, ya know."
"Your not--peeved, are you?"
"Get her the perfume."
"I got a bowl! Good for me!"
"So she climbed up a tree and stayed there and ate cookies. She got huge! Huuuge!!... Got any cookies?"
"For this watch turns beavers into gold!"
"Take me to jail, please! A Klingon is after me!"
"Now somebody call me a lawyer!"
"There! That's the last of the cruddy exposition!"
"It got me another season, didn't it?"
"Make... him... talk."
"Let's wrestle!"
"I'll send you Spam!"
"Hey. Cut it out."
"I must succeed!"
"That's a can of hash and some coffee."
"NOOOO!! Not the boats!!!"
"Dat's what I call my Shriner car--my little putt-a-putt."
"Lord Smoked-Meats-And-Fishes is here!"
"And now you know... the rest of the backstory."
"See if she can light a candle with her nose."
"It's a catchy tune."
"...Because it had turned to wood!"
"Oh, you're a loon, are you? Tell me where you escaped from--I'll take you back."
"Darn the luck! Darn!"


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