Tuesday, September 23, 2008


"American of the cake of the meat"

The stature, much hour is one...
Immovable the case remembers to me,
in date this music I forms it given of the smile.
And I knew, if Imeant that the probability had could stimulate this person,
excess topossibly dance
and they___d during a little while where it is lucky.

But February the source to brivido
the each paper of I___d him leftit.
The messages become in the value of the initial end;
Couldn___t ofthe switch of the new emergency the phase.

Can___t remembers I, of ifgridassi,
when I age informed into the relative widowed the fiancèe,
but to something I deeply to the interior he giornalmente touched,
when music dies.

CHORUS: Therefore good bye, American of ms the black andwhite man.
With the mines chevy controlled with the ascent,
but theascent was dried above
and good the old boys of the man had drunk thewhiskey and the mountain ranges he of the song,
"this are the daywho is
"this the day of the these data of die."

Were youwritten the book of the love
and you model here in an ignited God,
ifthe visualizations of the bible you therefore?
You create the coil ofthe rock ' n',
the example of music, protect your Innersterblichs
andcan teach to me, because one you delay the danced applicable pain?

Spendthrift knows this you___re in the love with him,
since then ofwhich I they I SAW, the end to dance in the space of gymnastic to
bothgave to an effect ulteriorly its ice-slides.
Man, excavating thisrate/rhythm and blue.

A man of the new person of ___ of broncin
withrosafarbenen the eye and a small car had been located,
but it knewthat I came from the probability
the day, when music dies I.

CHORUS: I beganto sing...

Becoming fullfilled by 10 years of we___ve that in iscleaned our above of the one
and rubber of piuma of the rubberdevelops great on a rock of the source,
but that___s, not as it were.
When those had sung the bird of the diversion for the king and thequeen,
in a cover had made the examinación in the older loan of thatof James
and the voice, that came from you and me,

the ampere hour andduring the king to the surface that to have observed more loss,
thebird of the relative of the stole of the diversion the piece advancedthorny.
The public of the cut was raised;
There is declaration of theno judgment restoration nonupdated.
And during the Lennon a book ofread, exercised Marx
in octeto four of the bit in the park
and sang tothe damaged burial of music with bejammern
in the density the day.

CHORUS: Wesang...

More when skelter of that Helter in the valve of the butterflyof the summer.
The birds had flied the function excluded with aradioactive protection of the atomic fall are,
of eight miles of faceand fastly of falls outposts.
Examinación de Fêz to the scent of I hein the gram of the program.
The players had controlled touchlines in amold iron the end to see if he had a step inside next,
with the birdof the diversion for this.

He ventilates the end to become fullfilledwas force of motivatings of the substance of the odorosa of thepart-part-storm of thunders,
when the sergeants they to play an airandante.
Very they magnify to us, end to dance,
the OH -, only wenever who it did not take with the probability!
Since then that theplayers had tried to make the examinación of the zone;
The stickytape rejected andante the end to pay.
Remembered of, the one thatestêve
of the visualized day, when music is dead?

CHORUS: We began to sing...

The ampere hour and was we all in a station of the work,
productiongives destroyed in the station of the work without the hour,
orderedin the beginning immovable in the part of the left.
Thereforeadvanced: Fast cat or, Cat or digiunano!
The screw of the lightning ofCat was firm in a proprietor of the candle,
since then of which thatthe fire is the friend only of devil___s.

The ampere hour andsweeps-megabus that it has observed in the phase,
that one that wasrepaired my hands in the fists of the state of hardeness.
Any angelwas not used, that one in hell, could leave appropriate, theenchantment of Satan___s.
The flame of and had raised of, that oneduring which takes place to the night,
to Opferrite to illuminate theignited interior highly,
the laughter that considered, this Satan, ofwhich with pleasing,
that, the day, when music is inoperative man,

CHORUS: sang to him...

I came to the contact of a girl, this one sang the blueone
and requested he who the messages of a certain lucky way,
but havethe straight smile and gave distant return separated.
The payment hadcome in advance to the low point to the crowned memory,
where I___dhas the music of the felt of the years,
but the man who the game ofwouldn___t of music said here.

And in the ways: the children havescreaied,
that in griterío outside and in the one of the love thathas dreammed poèts.
But a word was not speech;
All the edge of thechurch was interrupted.
And the three men admire to majority: Thefather, the chain and santo more when backupcomputer,
had takenthrough him series to it of last for the coast
the day, when musicdies.

CHORUS (x2): And he had sung...

TODAY'S BOOK: "Lord Hornblower", by C.S. Forester ((c) 1946)


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