Saturday, November 22, 2008


198th post

Aaand, once again the UNCG blowfish photo has reverted its source page back to me on Google Images. When I was planning to write this post, it was still attributed to the Benjamin Chinn blog, yet I was still getting hits via searches for the word. In fact, a worrying large percentage of recent entry pages for GBFOS are the archive page containing the pic, or in other words Google Images searches for "blowfish"--45%, in fact. Only 18% are for the homepage, plus another 18 in total for Wieners screw ass. (my most and only successful "bait 'n' switch" post) and the keyword-heavy The last 30 days' etc. (no, you would not believe how many people google the word "boogers" and its attendant permutations and additions). Unfortunately, I can only guesstimate at this stuff because Google changed its algorithms or something, the upshot of which being that Sitemeter can no longer tell what words were fed into the search engine to raise images linking back here--and Google I. accounts for well over half my hits.

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Burglar Who Thought He Was Bogart", by Lawrence Block ((c) 1995)

New feature! It may be a regular, may be a semi-regular like the Website, may die a quick death. (Two signs at a time in the interest of brevity.)
YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY: Taurus - Buy somebody you love a chocolate ice cream cone and shoot their dog ; Pisces - Throw out that spinach in your fridge. Seriously.


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