Monday, November 24, 2008


199th post, a website for advanced snowboard footwear
The year 32 AD
32-bit computer architecture, Louisville's news website, on channel 32, peddling WV software
Route 32 of the Dulbin Bus
Activity ID No. 32, proposer information for the International Polar Year's website, homepage of a poetry magazine, for no apparent reason
The Watt-32 tcp/ip Homepage's 32nd Sampling & Analytical Method, "Phenol and Cresol"
32-bit Catalyst drivers, on
The USAF's factsheet for the C-32 plane
Messier 32, a satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy
Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2008-32
IntelĀ® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manuals
Section 32 of the Copyright Act of 1968
The Bochs IA-32 Emulator Project
Star Trek - The Original Series, Vol. 32, on
New Zealand beats England 32-22 in the 2008 Rugby League World Cup
Chicago's WFLD-TV FOX 32
"32 Reportedly Trapped In China Coal Mine", 11/17/08
The ESO's Science Release 32/08
Installing Debugging Tools for the 32-bit Version of Windows, thus named for no apparent reason
Screen Print & Capture 32 3.5 from CNET's
"Coleman Campaign Questions 32 Ballots in Close Race With Franken", 11/19/08
The 32nd International Public ICANN Meeting
Title 32 of the US Code Collection: The National Guard
An article from, for no apparent reason
32 photographs of Antarctica on

These were the top 32 results for a Google search for "32", and a pleasingly random selection it is too. Thank you and good day.
PS - Did you know that Google limits queries to 32 words? Bet they knew a good thing when they saw one.

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery", by Jerry West ((c) 1961)

YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY: Gemini - If you don't send me $15,000 I shall tell everybody exactly what you did that night at Aunt Gertrude's house ; Capricorn - Hire the next person to walk through your door. Fire the next person to walk through your wall.

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