Monday, February 09, 2009


238th post

Since 1/22/09, I have received e-mail spam from the following addresses:

Andrea Carrillo
Angelo Blackman
Angelo Staton
Ashley Chase
Azure Cowper
Bank System Administration
Breitling Watches
Brent Hunt
Bryan Crowder
Canadian Pharmacy id1635
Canadian Pharmacy id9197009
Chris Brenna
Claris Kari
Clemens Bergeron
Cody Doretha
Dina Wesley
Dina Winton
Dixie Bland
Efren Strong
Emilia Knox
Esteban Whitt
Forest Carbaugh
Forrest Sellers
Heather Erickson
Ismael Romero
Jill Stone
Jim Williams
Kathryn Hatfield
Kenia Santos
Keshia Shona
Latricia Joslyn
Layne Lavern
Lenny Stallings
Marget Carroll
Martine Zaida
Nandy Shotts
Nathanael Newbern
Omega Watches
Rigoberto Goodrich
Rita R., San Francisco
Rolex 2010 models
Rolex Watches
Shelia Cantu
Tabby Dull
Tina Ramey
Trina Simms
USA_Pharmacy id6507
Vesta Shenna
Yesenia Whitaker

Plus no less than 10 from our own e-mail address, which begs the question of just how dumb these spammers think we are.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Jurassic Park", by Michael Crichton ((c) 1990)

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