Wednesday, February 11, 2009


239th post

You probably don't remember, but I like to write as well as draw. (Said the guy typing up his blog's 239th post in less than 3 years.) The ISS already ran a two-part article I wrote back in last April, and now the Darth Obvius pseudonym has resurfaced with what was originally titled "6 Scientists Who Were Batpoop Insane". The end result was edited slightly after a complaint by one of the subjects' descendants/relatives. Lady, I'm sorry, but if you think I meant to personally insult anybody on the list you are mistaken. I'd hoped that my obvious tongue-in-cheek style would lessen the sting. (Also, I blame conveniently wrong sources. So nyah.)

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Movement", by Ruthie Pearlman ((c) 2000)


Some people just don't have a sense of humor. :-(

Regardless -- CONGRATS on your article being run!
Thanks :-)

I'll admit after reading the talkback I felt sad for a second or two... then I remembered that if we weren't allowed to use the deceased as fodder, 90% of all "non-fictional" jokes couldn't be made.
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