Tuesday, March 03, 2009


249th post

A little bit of YouTube just died, and a little piece of my pre-adulthood died along with it.
Back in early 2006, I was a freshman member of IMDb. On one of my trawls along the "Teen Titans" Message Board soon after its cancellation, I came across an interesting thread: "Watch these videos."
It was the first time I ever heard of "YouTube", or the term "AMV". It certainly wasn't the last.
Yes, indeed, there was a time when one guy could say to the other, "The other day I was on this site, www dot youtube dot com, you ever hear of it...?", and to top it off, the other guy could shake his head in genuine ignorance. Those were the days. When I wanted to go through all the videos that had the "Teen Titans" keyword, I only had to go back 65 pages. These days, 65 pages with that keyword will take you back one month, two on the outside. Those were the days...
Anyway, in that thread were links to six Teen Titans AMVs. One was set to a romance song--"Iris", I think. I didn't watch that.
That left five.
One was set to Avril Lavigne's "Slipped Away"--the first YouTube video I ever watched.

One was set to the original Bonnie Tyler version of "Holding Out for a Hero".

One was set to a Jump5 cover and remix of "We Are Family".

One was set to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"--and it immediately became my #1 favorite song of all time.

And the last one? The Goo Goo Dolls' "Better Days".

Why no video of that? Fair question. Well, recently a certain message has been popping up around YouTube. Videos missing sound. Links that go nowhere.
Hackers? No, it's the fun-spoiling almighty WMG. They're just a soulless corporation. They don't care that I might scream "NOOOOO!" at my computer screen in agonized frustration as a result of their actions.
Since that long-ago day, I've been keeping a playlist of my favorite TT AMVs in Internet Explorer's Favorites menu--combinations of good songs with good movie editing. Those five formed the core. Over the years, there have been several that got removed for one reason or another. But none had lasted as long and went as far back as this.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go browse through YouTube again.

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Mouse That Roared", by Leonard Wibbereley ((c) 1955)


Don't worry -- those videos will be back up eventually. Funny thing about YouTube -- even when corporations demand to have certain videos removed, they do tend to reappear on YouTube once the "heat is off." ;-)
I wish I could believe that, but in all those years I've only ever seen one TT AMV disappear and then return. There were some other really GOOD ones that vanished... but this was the oldest :-(
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