Saturday, October 24, 2009


316th post

"Ooh, this is awesome!... I like this a lot!" -- Ravenisawesome
"I'm impressed... That was really intense, and well done." -- BAColeNC
"That was wicked awesome!" -- TeenTitans4Ever
"FANTABULOUS!!! Seriously, I've run out of words that can describe how great your story's chapters are... Thank you for this wonderful story you've made." -- blackbird15
"Really interesting!" -- ZombieSlade

So it's not as much as the first go around--it's still nice to get such praise for my second fanfiction.

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Chocolate Touch", by Patrick Skene Catling ((c) 1952)

Here are reactions from the stories' repostings on
You Never See it Coming (story #1):
"Good story." -- Waterdog (15 year old)
"Color me impressed... This is really good." -- Cylor (32-year old TGN member)
"Interesting concept with your story. Love it. Great job." -- contagiousCHRISTian (Philippinean)
"Beautifully written." -- ReoccuringComatose
"Awwz, this is an awesomely written story. You're doing great, keep it up." -- GraceFangsandFire (Canadian)
"I found it to be well written and the characters seem to be in character as well... You did a great job writing this." -- titanfan45 (49-year-old autobody repairman)
"Definitely a good story... Thanks again for a great read." -- J.M. Bowers (23-year-old from Nevada)
"You're doing a SUPER job on this, they're all in character, good job!" -- what lurks beneath (18-year-old Canadian)
"Incredible... It's an awesome story." -- rainbowstrike
"First time I cried in a fanfic. Incredible..." -- Everything you know is fangirl (Muslim Berber)
"That's awesome." -- Jasper's Lil Red (12 year old)
"This story made me CRY! Sad sad sad. Good writing though." -- Titantastic
"It's pretty interesting." -- Byn
"Whoa, that was deep, and I enjoyed it very, very much." -- Somewhere In Time (17-year-old Korean)
"This is eerily cool." -- cRaZyMaN676

Suspension (story #2):

"THAT. WAS. FREAKY. But good nonetheless." -- Raptured Rainbow (Chinese)
"Interesting." -- Kyer
"Keep it up!" -- J.M. Bowers
"This was pretty good. Creates a legitimate suspense and had fun with the characters." -- KF fan
"That's some imagination you've got. I've never read anything like this... Great story. You did a great job writing it." -- titanfan45
"Breathtaking. I admire your mind for all these ideas, they were AMAZING. I loved it!!... I hope you write another amazing story like this." -- Somewhere In Time


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