Friday, October 30, 2009


Huh. Well, how about that.

That was kind of startling.
The description reads: "basicly the BEST TT ART i could find along with great music....". From this we can learn three things: 1) YouTube member missjumpcity can't spell 2) She has deplorable taste in music (High School Musical? Seriously?) and 3) She has impeccable taste in fanart. Yes, from 2:05-2:14 and 3:12-3:36, two of my Teen Titans fanworks are exhibited--the second time this has happened in a slideshow AMV.
I'm flattered. I think.
Oh, and I'm not credited at the end along with other artists, but that's okay because neither were TGN compatriot Buzzard or professional Glen Murakami. Anytime I can be categorized along with those two talented people, it's okay.

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Middle Moffat", by Eleanor Estes ((c) 1942)


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