Saturday, December 12, 2009


Last night

I was in a hotel. Don't ask me to explain how I knew it was a hotel, it just was. I think I've been there on previous excursions.
So my shirt disappeared and I went outside through the revolving door, then back in, then out again. And I found myself in my old building's lobby.
I went to the elevator (which was in front of me instead of to the left, oddly enough) and waited for it along with some other folks who walked. There were both men and women. I think one of the men was bald.
Then we went into the elevator and the scene shifted to the elevator now outside the building, going up at an angle instead of straight. I remember thinking, "Oh yeah, I forgot that elevator did this", even though it never actually did. Also, it had no roof.
Some more people got on.
I was completely calm throughout all of this.
We stopped at my floor and I went in. There was a long hallway, on the left were animals that looked like CGI images exhibited in pens. As I walked down the hall, one of the animals, a bull species called a "Fencebreaker", destroyed its enclosure. I walked past and mentioned to a security guard.
As I kept walking I saw more animal exhibits that had been destroyed or something.
Then I turned a corner and found out who was responsible for this: the Joker. A scene from Batman: The Animated Series played out on a giant screen.
And then I woke up.

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Voice of Liberty: The Story of Emma Lazarus", by Eve Merriam ((c) 1959)

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There must have been something going on in the cosmos that night -- that's the same night I dreamt I was a Janis Joplin voice impersonator. Really. :-)
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