Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Elegant weapons for a more or less civilized age

Curious about my Purim costume's weaponry? Probably not, but here's what they were constructed of anyway!

Der Zwei-X Raygun, Mk. II

Main body is drum tripod. Special timer attached to right side with belt; copper pot knob-piece taped on for olde timey funke ambience. Laser scope from brother's BB gun taped to top. Gear meter of bicycle attached to top left side. Computer power cable stuck into bottom. Chair wheel inserted into "barrel". Gear-like pieces from my electric shaver attached to lower front with inside of twist-tie.
Meter and cable attach back to...

Der Zwei-X Powersourcen Mit Optional Blastenpiece

Main body is a mixer. Asthma inhaler lashed to one side. More pieces from shaver taped to front, as well as computer cable. Gear meter snaked into hole on side.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Just So Stories", by Rudyard Kipling ((c) 1902)

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