Monday, June 14, 2010


Six-Thousand-Hit Blog.

Due to a drastically reduced posting rate, it's taken six months and two weeks to reach this milestone since the five thousandth hit (the first time the length between milestones has gone up), and three years, eight months and nine days overall. This time, the lucky fellow hails from Hollywood, Florida, which sort of disappoints me because over the past week alone people have dropped in from Latvia, Guatemala, Mexico, Romania, Italy (twice!), and even Canada. But USA it is. At least the 4,000th was an Englander...
Even his (her?) entry point is boring: it's the "backstabber" cartoon from the 157th post, currently the most popular one on GBFOS. You may or may not be surprised to learn that it is the 29th result in a Google Images search for that keyword, and even higher (6th!) for "backstabber cartoon". You also may or may not recall that the 5,000th visitor also arrived via that.
Traffic is down to 3 visitors a day. After a record-shattering 361-hit October, the highest monthly total the blog has reached was 211, in March; in fact, excluding this half-done June, the past seven months have seen an average of 152.7 hits, which I would have given my back molars for three years ago, but is now just depressing, particularly since so many of them now come via image searches. That's what my artwork blog is for, darnit!
Not including spam, just ten additional comments were added for an average of one every 4.2 posts, the worst average between milestones ever. Familiar faces Sea-of-Green (4 comments), Khaaan! (1) and me (2) reappeared, and three comic book bloggers (including Shelly, who shortly thereafter became the newest addition to the "Backlinkers" list) added their thoughts to what will probably be my last great post.
Along the way, I had a few political cartoons snatched up by the blogosphere, had my first ever professionally illustrated book published, reached 100 cartoons drawn for The Jerusalem Post, performed at my sister's bat mitzvah, did a siyum shas mishnayot, and remained out of steady work.
On to the next thousand!!!!!!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Curtain", by Agatha Christie ((c) 1975)


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