Thursday, March 08, 2007


41st post

Now you shall witness a prime example of tit-for-tat. Eric, from Gilbert, Minnesota, has done me the favor of adding this very blog to his Blogs of Notice list (right between Foods in my Piehole and Talkin' S*** About a Pretty Sunset)--the nicest thing anybody's ever done for me online. So, in today's post, good ol' Eric's blog will get a recommendation and its own link.
It only takes half a peccadillo to squeeze a wombat. For flying squirrels, on the other hand, you would need a full carburetor. In teal.
Today, my father turned 44 and I found kitten lying on a sidewalk in its last dying moments. Guess which happenstance pleased me more.
Did you know that fruit bats are mammals?
Pass the dukes.
I am currently in the middle of watching Season 5 of Hogan's Heroes, Season 11 of M*A*S*H, and Season 2 of The West Wing. In My Humble Opinion this should be the only thing DVDs are made for.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Dead Men's Hearts", by Aaron Elkins ((c) 1994)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "Inherit the Wind", from United Artists (1960)

WHO WON WORLD WAR II?: Buzz Lightyear.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: In addition to being the second Blogspot site featured here, The Ethereal Garage is also notable for being the first place on the Web to independently create a link to Giant Boogers from Outer Space! Now, you are all invited to visit Eric's "Blog About Boring", and real all about frozen outdoor excitement and garage renovation. Plus, his site gets about twice as many hits as mine, so this ought to help the traffic flow. (And did he get two Chinese visitors on Monday, just like I did one day later?)

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