Sunday, April 08, 2007


47th post

I am now experimenting with font sizes. Can you tell?
And here comes the Freakazette, such a lovely shade of Bethnal Green.
Set at -22, 32, 248, 0, 1.19. Simmer gently.
A few weeks ago, I set a new personal record for the Round-The-Block Run--aka the 1500 Meter Dash--but gradually became slower every time I ran afterwards for some time. Then, after undergoing my second root canal (see Owchies) to remove my other two wisdom teeth, only once have I ran less than 10 seconds slower than that time, and in fact bested it twice, to set a new record of 8:02.07. Now I realize what was holding me back: my teeth.
There used to be three synonyms.
Doesn't Harry look beautiful in June?
Bunny bunny bunny go hippity-hop. Tee hee, courtesy laugh!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Little Men", by Louisa May Alcott ((c) 1872)

TODAY'S MOVIE: "Working Girl", from 20th Century Fox (1988)

WWWW2?: Ozzy Osbourne.

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Test your mettle against the brain-meltdown-inducing pictorial logic puzzles here. Adjustable for many different languages and several levels.


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