Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Posting from work*

Well, this is certainly a "first" for me: long-distance blogging. "Long-distance" being about half an hour's drive from my home, but what the hey, if you don't have your own car anywhere you can't get by foot is long-distance.
Here the dog is buried. The dog is long dead, and that is the bone of the matter.
My education in office-work grows by leaps and bounds. After further immersement in the intricacies of using a tempermental Xerox machine, I had my first stint (about 10 minutes) while the secretary was late at answering the phone; a task that bathed me in more sweat than carrying 6 boxes of books up two flights of stairs. Which I later did.
And just what is it with the goozy bubbles anyway?
First Blogspot enabled video uploads from YouTube by YouTube users. Then it enabled video uploads straight from the users' computers. I await the day they make that tantalizingly close logic jump and enable YouTube uploads by non-YouTube users.
The air-conditioning here in the teachers' lounge is lousy and this keyboard has a J key that looks like a U and the ח (on the same key!) has been mutilated into a ו. On the other hand, the air-conditioning in the adjacent secretarial office is Arctic and all the teachers look happy to see me.

* - If you call this "Work".

TODAY'S BOOK: "Tuck Triumphant", by Theodore Taylor ((c) 1991)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: metstradamus.blogspot.com Metstradamus is one of the longest-running active Mets-oriented bloggers on the Web, is excessively (and funnily) pungent in his criticisms and fanciful in his praise, and is the source I check for last night's Mets score even before my MLB.com homepage.

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