Wednesday, January 30, 2008


98th post

I'm sitting here staring at the screen, trying to come up with some original and witty way to segue into today's topic. You know what? I can't. So--screw it--we're jumping right in. Hold your breath and don't mind the mud, it's potassium-infused.
Over a month and a half after my last comment, I get another one, on my last post. As usual, it's from Anonymous (that fellow sure gets around), but this time he's not trying to sell me something or otherwise drive in the pointlessness of my online existence. No, this time I got Zombo.
What is Zombo?
The answer is, apparently, "How the fsck should I know?" Located at, Zombo is a Flash-powered single Web page that plays a simplistic light pattern while a deep, slightly-accented (read: fake-accented) voice tells us what Zombo is. The fact that Mr. Deep Larynx goes on for quite a while and yet the 'Umble Listener never actually gets a clue as to what's really going on is, admittedly, quite a feat.
Well, I didn't have the patience to wait very long, so I left after a couple of minutes. Anonymous told me to thank me later, so I'm thanking him now. And may I add that if you had told me to get stoned, drunk, or really really tired before going there, I probably would have enjoyed it more. Ah well, I needed another addition to the anemic Games & Diversions links section, even though Zombo did not make a list of the 10 most randomly useless websites ever (link courtesy of DRB).
Oh, and apparently the sporks are with me. Yay!
PU - Anonymous is actually Eric in disguise. That wouldn't be too difficult, all he'd have to do would be to change hats. But why? And more specifically, am I correct? When a Minnesotan visits here via the Ethereal Garage, he comes via either Qwest Communications or Comcast Business Communications. Are they one and the same? Are they not? Perhaps a merger is occurring--to what effect upon the economy of Minnesota, I cannot say. If Eric's from Comcast, all is well. If not, not. Not not not not not--SOMEBODY STOP ME!! Then again, possibly it was my first Uruguayan visitor. Or not not NOT NOT--AIIEE!!! Well, who knows. (And PU stands for Post Ulate. Obviously.)

TODAY'S BOOK: "Dante's Equation", by Jill Jensen ((c) 2003)

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GEEZ M.J.! Actually, I have a couple different readers who regularly click on the link to GBFOS. It's one of my more popular out-clicks. With the free market in control of telecom, cable, wireless, etc., we Minnesotans have a hundred different I.S.P.s to choose from - it's called traffic, man! Enjoy it!

Also, I hate spammers; and if I wanted to sell you something - the upcoming issue of Wilderness Passages containing my article or the next 4 Horse Johnson c.d. for instance - I'd log in to do it. ;-)

I hope you didn't just trick me into leaving a comment - I'm fairly gullible...

Keep up the good work and take care!
Here is your blog translated into jive.
Okey dokey Eric; I was writing this late at night and your (maybe ;-)) visit was the closest in time to that of the comment; my fingers took over from there while my brain happily hummed some Sherman Brothers tunes.

...And as you can see, Anonymous has struck again, with a Comcast server. At least I think it's him (her?), because once again I'm only picking the one closest in time to the comment's posting. Hey, Anon, if you're listening, I'd prefer a translation into lol-speak next time, okey dokey?
You forgot to mention that I am running Windows XP and use Mozilla Firefox. I wear boxers and my favorite color is chocolate.

...Or aren't your stats that specific?

By the way my name is Khaaaaaaan!
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