Wednesday, June 04, 2008


130th post

Yesterday I proctorifically proctorated a matriculation exam in Communications, subdivision Moviemaking. It was boring.
I don't want to have kids. I don't even want to get married. Why, if I ever get married, I'll shave off my moustache! This is not the first I've stated that. Another wager I once made is that the Mets would win the World Series within 10 years. That was in 2002. Come on, pull yourselves together! And I still remain firmly convinced that I'm in the wrong leg of the Trousers of Time, and Beltran ought to have hit that ball... I'm rambling. Shush, me.
While the Nachshon Nonaccessability Factor may have been repealed, its Annoyance Factor has been growing in leaps and bounds.
Since I referred to it in the last post, there have been no more hits here via, but no less than 6 hits (out of past 17) have been via Google searches for that website, showing that lots of people are just as clueless about it as I am. (Plus a hit from Korea--what's up with that?) One of those six was fellow Blogspot user and multiple blogger Melis, who says that the site is just advertising to try to get bloggers to sign up with them for webhosting or something, and they're hitting random Blogspot blogs to get traffic to their site. Which doesn't make much sense, but okay.
My, isn't the former Senator Nathaniel Dobbs-McDobb (D-GA) looking spiffy! But dude, what's with the long hair? And the earring? And the missing glasses? And, most of all, the spaced-out look in your eyes?
Writer's High: the state of being achieved by a writer when in full swing of composing; a heightened state of creativity and being. Thus, we can deduce that Samuel Taylor Coleridge was a talentless noob, because he couldn't finish his magnum opus "Kubla Khan" after getting started while stoned because he was no longer high, while all the truly great writer don't need drugs to reach that plateau artificially in order to write their masterpieces.
The Corridor of Mordor meets up with the Tower of Power. May we reiterate that all cheerleaders should remain seated on the sidelines.

TODAY'S BOOK: "Gentle Ben", by Walt Morey ((c) 1965)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Going for the simple: reminiscent of the Freakazoid! Cultural Reference Guide, this is one for the Animaniacs TV show, in two parts (Part Two is Look out for the entry on episode #65, which shows what a well-made "crazy credits" looks like.

EDIT: The edit is that: there is no edit.

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Yeah that nobrand.awardspace have a space advertising domain name services and webhosting. They also have a short list of randomised blogger sites at the bottom right of the page. I guess with the intention of pulling in those of us who watch our traffic in the expectation that we might want to make money from our blogging. Seems odd to me.
that's how i got here as well. Strange that the world-famous nobrand hosting website seems to be down, but whatever. Shalom.
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