Monday, June 16, 2008


135th post

Well, thanks to awardspace GBFOS's hit count has been skyrocketing (though sadly not the average length of time staying), mainly due to the fact that apparently I'm the only one on the World Wide Web who has publicly wondered WTF awardspace is (129th post), since about 99% of the last 100-150 hits or so have come via Google searches for it, although there continues to be the odd duck who's simply searching for the world's biggest booger. Having said that, I thought these looked interesting:

Locations of the last 100 visitors, Jan. 5, 2008 deedle deedle deedle

Mar. 23

Apr. 15

Jun. 1

Today, Jun. 16

TODAY'S BOOK: "Raiders of the Lost Car Park", by Robert Rankin ((c) 1994)


Hey There!

I came across your blog accidently while searching these "awardspace" people (who apparently have linked my blog somehow!)...but rest assured...I'll come back and visit for more than a 1/30th of a minute in the future!!!

Happy Blogging!
Wow! Big in the U.S. AND attracting the attention of lovely Canadians?? Way to go, M.J.!!
Just so you know, I found you via way of searching for "," whatever that is. Ha, ha. I'm leaving a note, which means you did make me chuckle. Thanks.
Thanks for all the kind comments, folks! You shoulda seen my face when I got the weekly traffic report from Sitemeter and it said I got 79 on Monday the 16th!!
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