Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The last 33 search engine referral keywords

[NOTE: no image searches as Sitemeter can't tell me anymore what the search words were.]

the worlds biggest booger (2)
worlds biggest booger (2)
"worst box office bomb" 2008
101 dalmations the series retro junk
albus dumbledore lincoln showdown
biggest booger guinness
biggest booger record
colman light tower
escape the giant booger
giant boogers
goofy movie soundtrack
guinness largest booger
guinness world records boogers
how big was the largest recorded booger in history,
Old Godzilla was hopping around Tokyo City like a big playground when suddenly Batman burst from the shade and hit Godzilla with a Batgrenade Godzilla got pissed and began to attack but didn't expect to be blocked by Shaq
pickles & boogers
readers digest story of John Garrett Olerud
rescuers down under half-track
star trek prime directive ebook free download reeves
The Gizmo from outer space 1980 book
The Magic Bed Knob you tube
walking with dinosaurs soundtrack land before time rescuers down under
what is the longest recorded booger ever picked,
what is the record for biggest booger
why is the bridge to terabithia amd newberry winner
world record biggest booger
world record longest booger
world record longest tossed salad
xkcd booger

TODAY'S BOOK: "Goodbye California", by Alistair MacLean ((c) 1977)

YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY: Gemini - Qui a coupe le fromage, parlez-vous, merci ; Libra - Now is not a good time to eat that zebra you've been raising in your basement.

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