Saturday, February 21, 2009


Three-Thousand-Hit Blog 8-/

Today, after two years, four months and sixteen days of blogging, and exactly six months after the second thousand hits, Giant Boogers from Outer Space has gotten another additional one thousand hits and has reached the big 3K! So let's give a big hand to the anonymous feller from Albany, NY, who is not only the 3,000th visitor but also the very first one to arrive here via the Bill Stickers post.
Hits-per-day dropped to 3, and while this past November scooped the honor of being the second-busiest month here after June '08--and July '08, last noted as the silver medalist, was passed by two others as well--monthly totals overall have tumbled drastically since then. Still, February is poised to pass the lowest-scoring month since (August) with 13 more hits in the remaining eight days, including today. Personally, my visits have also dropped ever lower, to possibly an average of once a week, if even that. Average visit lengths also dropped, to a dismal 19 seconds, just 2 over the average of the first thousand, but I'm going to discount that now that an e-mail convesation with SiteMeter has revealed that it's definitely not an accurate measurement.
Not counting spam, fifty-five more comments have been posted here (for an average of one every one point nine oh nine oh nine oh nine etc. posts, not yet counting this one, past Y2K-Y), led with an astonishing thirty-one by GBFOS's first--and so far only--Follower, Sea_of_Green, sixteen more by me (bringing my overall total to thirty), four more by the indomitable mister Khaaan!, and two by Kurt Busiek, GBFOS's first celebrity commenter, plus two single-timers. Eric, meanwhile, seems to have gone AWOL, on his blog as well as mine.
Along the way, I finished runner-up in another online art contest, celebrated the blog's second anniversary, landed on another links list, finally got credited in the magazine that publishes me, enrolled in a tertiary educational school, voted in my first elections, finished the PhotoShop section of my course, illustrated a set of bar mitzvah invitations, voted in my first national elections, redislocated my shoulder, and had another humor article published online.
On to the next thousand!!!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Johnny Tremain", by Esther Forbes ((c) 1943)


Add one more comment! ;-)

-- Sea
I will, in the next update :-)

You also helped push this month's hit total over August's...
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