Thursday, August 21, 2008


Two-Thousand-Hit Blog :-O

Today, after one year, ten months and sixteen days of blogging, and a mere eight months and one day after the first thousand hits, Giant Boogers from Outer Space has gotten an additional one thousand hits and now stands at the big two-oh-oh-oh on the hit counter! So congratulations Mr. Whoever-You-Are from Kansas City, Missouri, US of A--you're the guy who pushed us over the top. We couldn't have done without you.
Nor, may we mention, could we have done it without you finding GBFOS's ass shot, along with three other visitors--including one each from Iran and Saudi Arabia, which raises some ve-e-ry in-ter-est-ing questions. Along the way the blog's "staying power" has risen nine seconds to 27 per hit.
With hits-per-day rising from 2.27 to 4.01 between milestones, I felt secure enough to slacken my rate of visiting my own site, deflating my contributions to the cause; now I guess only a hit or two a week come via me. Record numbers visited in June due to the explicable awardspace "controversy" (281, compared to the previous high of 111 of Feb. '08), and July kicked in a silver-medal effort with 154, mostly due to the inexplicable blowfish phenomenon.
Not counting spam, thirty-one more comments have been posted here (for an average of one every 2.39 posts , not yet counting this one, over the extra Roman-numeral-M), led with eight more by me, seven by the anonymous fellow with the nom de plume of Khaaan!, three more by Eric, two by Rickey Henderson (the only other repeat offender), and eleven by various others, including my buddy Yitzchak.
Along the way, I underwent an appendectomy, got printed in a bigger and better magazine, got an Honorable Mention in yet another TT art contest, got publicated in a one-off for a local newsletter, had a humor article published online, knew the pain of having my place of work vandalized (twice), visited the national military cemetery at Har Herzl for the first time, went to my first professional comedy show, finished my National Service, and turned 19.
On to the next thousand!!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Jake and the Kid", by W.O. Mitchell ((c) 1961)


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