Wednesday, March 11, 2009


253rd post

And so here we are, the last of the poster mockups. This is my favorite, both because of the subject material and the creativity it drew out of me in the process of making it. You've seen one of the Neogenix before on a couple of occasions, but so far the rest are paper-and-pencil instead of pixelated. The names are from two previous stories of mine (unpublished and unfinished, natch), "Clicky Dark"--a boy and his friends playing sports; original, right?--and "The Torah Tigers", an all-Jewish worst-to-first Little League baseball team. "Neogenix", in case you're wondering, tells of 36 genetically created superpeople blasted into space before they could develop into maturity.
Oh, and props to the Fabrica de Herois site for helping in the creation of the centerpiece image (left to right: Popsicle, Toolbox, Burn).

TODAY'S BOOK: "Crazy--But True!", by Jonathan Clements ((c) 1974)


Clicky Dark. That's a GREAT name. :-)

I haven't had a chance to play with Fabrica de Herois since they updated their designs, but from what I've seen, everything looks to be an improvement over their old setup. :-)
I was just walking along one day when the name "Dicky Clark" randomly popped into my head. A few seconds later, my Spoonerism-addled brain switched it around...
(I swear I had no idea it was a real name then.)
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