Sunday, June 24, 2007


60th post

Run into a church, start ringing the bells and shout out "Ancillary! Ancillary!" If this doesn't work, try a large cup of scotch and lemonade.
Proud member of the Fudge McGurk Fan Club.
With two mighty swings of his Big Hammer, Oliver Platt catapulted himself to my Top 10 list of Funniest Moments Ever Put on Screen.
Gosh, I love the Edit button. I've been altering my blog slightly--a touch here, a touch there, affixing labels, rearranging the spelling, et cetera--over the past few weeks. Why, for all you know, NONE of my pasts posts originally existed! This blog cowers at my whim... MUWAHAHA.
The pope is covered with flesh-eating maggots to signify that he is a total loony.
Much kudos to darkgeneral for helping me figure out some kinks in the Serif PhotoPlus 6 program; thanks to him, I am now able to unveil to you the colored version of the character first displayed (in black and white) back in 12th post.

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Nine Mile Walk and Other Stories", by Harry Kemelman ((c) 1967)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: Vinson Ngo (better known by his pen name, Bleedman) is absolutely the best webcomic creator/writer/artist I have ever seen. This site hosts three of his comics currently in production--the continuation of each alternates at long stretches, with him currently working on the one called "Sugar Bits". The other two are manga-esque spinoffs of The Powerpuff Girls and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy containing clever cameos galore by cartoon characters both past and present (and it is a testimony to his skills that he can hold my interest in ANYTHING manga-esque). Also contains comics by other people, whatever rocks your boat. Warning: some graphic content. Keep out of reach of children.

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