Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Four-Thousand-Hit Blog (-3

Today, after two years, nine months and ten days of blogging, and four months and twenty-two days after the last such milestone, Giant Boogers from Outer Space has completed its fourth cycle of one thousand hits! Our milestone man (or possibly woman) hails from Edinburgh, England, and was googling "peter piper master craftsman", which brought us up as the fifth website on the results list. Congratulations, old top, and I hope you found out just what Peter Piper was a master at crafting! (Barrels for pickling pepper, perhaps?)
Hits-per-day are up to 4, and while March passed November of '08 as GBFOS's busiest month by 14 hits, and then April followed that up with an outstanding 347, monthly visits have fallen to some of the lowest totals in years. I need more Englishmen searching for Peter Piper on Google.
Twenty-nine more comments have been posted here (for an average of one every 1.69 posts, not yet counting this one, since the third square root of one million), led with fifteen by Sea-of-Green, who's taken a break from blogging to finish her second novel (go, Sea!). I chipped in with eleven of my own, SallyP from GLBF! added a pair, and Khaaan! showed some life with another bewilderingly random comment five days ago.
Along the way, I had a picture featured in a YouTube AMV slideshow, got a personal e-mail account, saw a lion charging in real life, completed my second fan fiction, parted ways with my employer, got in touch with a long-lost friend, finished the Illustrator section of my course, got employed with The Jeruslem Post, and started up a new blog.
On to the next thousand!!!!

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Homework Machine", by Dan Gutman ((c) 2006)


Working on my novel, but still reading blogs, too! :-) YAY for four thousand. Here's to the next four thousand!
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