Monday, December 21, 2009


The last 34 search engine keyword referrals

Over the past 21 days Netizens have used Google and other search engines to look for the following and instead were led here:

giant boogers (3)
a picture of the biggest booger (2)
"giant boogers from outer space"
a pic of the worlds biggest booger
booger ball guinness record
cartoon man hit with frying pan
do people at outer space got there feet on the ground\
erma bombeck motherhood the second oldest profession culmination
here's a yoda, there's a yoda, and another little yoda... lyrics [Nice to see my made-up ditty is considered canonically real.]
i dont care about underwater boogers [Neither do I, but you don't have to tell us about it.]
images on google off boogers
its not important to explore outer space [From the UAE no less.]
little girl
llama song wikipedia
my booger space [It's called a nostril.]
nissim gini photo
nobrand pace
oo waka waka meenie song
particle man home video archives
peter parker middle name
pictures of gigantic boogers
praise for the middle moffat by eleanor estes
ramona quimby "rule 34" [Great, another disturbed 13-year-old.]
rood giddance to rad bubbish childrens book
waka waka my names chewbacca
wakka wakka wakka calvin and hobbes
what are boogers made off
where did the llama song come from
why boogers are white for science class [After all, this blog is called Giant Boogers from Outer Space for a reason. Wait, no, it's not.]
why keep silence between netilat yadaim and motzi [Some poor chump from Chile wanted to know. Instead he had to suffer through an obscure Jewish in-joke. My apologies.]
world record booger

TODAY'S BOOK: "Throwing Smoke", by Bruce Brooks ((c) 2002)


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