Monday, August 10, 2009


The last 35 search engine referrals

giant green boogers (2) [13-year-old boys must represent a significant demographic of GBFOS readers. 10 of the keywords are about boogers.]
the gizmo from outer space (2)
"amazing gladiators" clip
"gammage cup" fanfic
"llama llama duck" animaniacs
"shave you bald" rubber
"we're back a dinosaur's story justin korman"
"with love from karen" download
agbayani crotch hit [A 13-year-old Mets fan, obviously.]
animaniacs amv to file
badger badger llama [I must be doing something right. 5 more keywords are Llama Song-related.]
badger "llama song"
biggest booger ever pictures
capetown waka waka 2007 blog
george c. scott home on the range clip
giant boogers
giant boogers pictures
here's a yoda, there's a yoda and another little yoda, fuzzy yoda, funny yoda, yoda, yoda, luke [No stealin' my ideas!]
i was once in kenya i lived in a pie
largest booger pull from human
moron from outer space avi
peter piper master craftsman [Indeed he was.]
pitchers boogers
pitchers of boogers
postersof the moon real pictires in outerspace
ramona quimby rule 34 [A... really disturbed 13-year-old?]
results 1 - 10 of about 2,390,000,000 for google. (0.08 seconds)
the llama song wikipedia
the world's longest booger
the worlds biggest booger
watch animaniacs this pun for hire for free [This is the 5th Animaniacs-related keyword on the list. It's gratifying to know that my obsession counts for something.]
world record booger [bait 'n' switch works. 'Nuff said.]
you shake the toy & it says wakka wakka wakka

Bonus! Over the same period of time nine separate pictures attracted visitors via Google Images. They were:


TODAY'S BOOK: "Ark Angel", by Anthony Horowitz ((c) 2006)


Lotta 13-year-olds out there obviously want to see photos of boogers. Guess they have nothing better to do. ;-)
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