Thursday, August 16, 2007


69th post

I now have a real, steady job: as my one-year ben sherut service, I will work about 25 hours a week in a nearby junior high/high school doing office work and perhaps some low-scale tutoring, and about 15 hours a week at the local library--where I will now be paid to do what I've done volunteerily for the past 4 years.
Part of what a blog needs to be successful is to have links to it on the Internet; besides from me tooting my own horn on the IMDb and elsewhere, this is exceedingly rare. Thus I was pleasantly surprised to find the Dark Roasted Blend blog (which I myself put on GBFOS's Links list) putting my summary about it in their Comments & Feedback section, with a link! True, this link has only netted me just one more visitor--even a link I posted somewhere 7 months ago has added about 5 hits--but it's a person from Turkey (a first) who stayed here for 4 page views in 1:24 minutes, both not things to be sneezed at.
Our scanner is broken, the computer desk is broken, my shaver is broken, our armchair-recliner is broken, and our scales have been out of batteries for the past 3 months. Do you suppose there's an Appliance Epidemic in our household?

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Magic Bed-Knob", by Mary Norton ((c) 1943)

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