Thursday, December 20, 2007


Thousand-Hit Blog :-D

Today, after one year, two months and fifteen days of blogging, Giant Boogers from Outer Space has gotten its one thousandth hit--me, the author, of course. Some guy from Chile tried to capture the honor, but he came up three short.
I would estimate that I've been responsible for between one-half and one-third of all hits on this blog so far; I would also estimate that about 99% of the hits stay here for a recorded total of 1 second each, which would explain why my blog has a "staying power" on the average of 17 seconds per hit.
Not counting spam, twenty-two comments have been posted here (for an average of one every three point nine oh nine oh nine oh nine etc. posts, not yet counting this one), led with six by me, five by Eric (but all since the Random Grapefruit, which comes out to nine months and a bit), five by Bernardo (including four on just one post), and six by various others (including my friend Ra'anan Rosenbaum, who has the honor of being GBFOS's First Commenter).
Along the way, I got published in a newspaper, was a decoy Rav Purim, won my first art contest, got exempted from the draft, graduated, had two people who were close to me die, got a job, witnessed two consecutive painful collapses by my favorite team, and dislocated my shoulder.
On to the next thousand!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Travel Team", by Mike Lupica ((c) 2004)


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