Saturday, January 26, 2008


Criticism of Blogger - revisited

Over half a year after posting What's to like and not to like about Blogger, I suppose it's time to address my nine Not to Like points.
1. They have not yet chosen me for a Blog of Note. Still haven't, hint hint.
2. Every time I come here I have to sign in. That "Remember Me" option is broken and it makes things a right pain in the neck. I think this got fixed for a short time.
3. The "Comments" section is variable as to whether I can actually enter it, and when I do it's sometimes needlessly picky about letting me post there. Much better service in this area now. Makes life a lot easier.
4. Forcing me to upgrade. Look, the former version may have been more primitive, but I wanted to switch over in my own sweet time. No change.
4a. And now that I've upgraded, I've lost the option to Search all of the blogs instead of just my own. A-noy-ying! I can do this from my Edit Posts page, so scratch that. On the other hand, replace "just my own" with "just any blog I happen to be searching from" and you get an even bigger complaint.
5. The "Help" section is miniscule. And it's still no great shakes.
6. For once, random is not good--the vagary of the "Next Blog" button. The one point over which I want to give Blogger's staff the finger.
7. The "Profile" section is still primitive--I can put my astrological sign up, but not my birth date. 'Sup with that? See note on #4.
8. The link to a picture in a post does not automatically open in a new window. Trivial, but nonetheless there. It's embarrassing to think I even wrote this.
9. Wakka wakka. Wakka wakka!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Oh Danny Boy", by Rhys Bowen ((c) 2006)

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