Friday, January 30, 2009


"The Llama Song" revisited

It's the most random thing I've heard in my life and my #2 favorite song ever, but the story doesn't end there. Burton Earny's head-spinning ode to confusion has inspired several spinoffs and parodies, two of which I find meritorious enough to include here!
First, there's the meme-filled "The Badger Song" (

"Here's a badger/There's a badger/And another little badger/Fuzzy badger/Funny badger/Badger badger/Snake
Badger badger/Mario Brother/Weebl/Bob/Potato/Badger/Badger badger/Mushroom/Badger/Badger badger/Snake
I was once in Kenya/I lived in a pie/If you say this loop will end/That's a vicious lie/I was only three years dead/Just forget Norway/All your base belong to us/Numa Numa Yay
If you ever circle badger/Hold a badger/Rob the Badger/Trails of badger/Salad Fingers/Badger badger/Snake
Half a badger/Twice a badger/Not a badger/Farmer/Badger/Badger with a badge/A German badger/Badger/Snake
Yes, you are an idiot/You are made of poo/Qrrbrbirlbel/Zeeky Boogy Doog/(Boom)/Now my modem's getting slow/Orange slayed the rake/I'm going to restart now/And go play some Snake"

But even better, especially for the mathematically inclined, is "The Gamma Song" (

"Here's a Gamma/There's a Gamma/And another little Gamma/Real Gamma/Virtual Gamma/Gamma Gamma/Look!
Gamma Gamma/Reimann Gamma/Tangent/Wick-rotate/A Gamma/Gamma Gamma/Square root Gamma/Gamma Gamma/Look!
I was once a tensor/I lived in a space/But I never saw the way/The indices were raised/I was just an A-Mu/But that fixed the gauge/And now listen, little child/To this verbiage
Did you ever see a Gamma/Miss a Gamma/Hit a Gamma/Gamma's Gamma/Curve of Gamma/Gamma Gamma/Look!
Affine Gamma/Dirac Gamma/Chiral Gamma/Basu/Gamma/Gamma with psi-bar/A drama/Gamma Gamma/Look!
Is it all in bold now?/Is this all so weird?/Is it made of tangent bundle?/H-cross/Sigma/Beard/Now our song is losing spin/We've run out of/Look!/Time for me to retire now/And become a crook"

Why, even I'm becoming inspired by all this randomness!

"Here's a Yoda/There's a Yoda/And another little Yoda/Grumpy Yoda/Funny Yoda/Yoda Yoda/Luke
Yoda Yoda/Death Star/Yoda/Vader/Fett/Han Solo/Yoda/Yoda Yoda/Qui-Gon/Yoda/Yoda Yoda/Luke
I was once a Jedi/I lived on Dagobah/Then one day an X-Wing came/Blah blah blah blah blah/In ROTJ I was dead/Thus unfolds the tale/And now listen here, Skywalker/To the safety rail
Did you ever see a Yoda/Carry Yoda/On the Yoda/Yoda Yoda/Gimer stick/A Yoda/Yoda/Luke
Half a Yoda/Twice the Yoda/Not a Yoda/Owen/Yoda/Yoda with a cold/A moldy Yoda/Yoda/Luke
Is this how it ends now?/Can I die in peace?/Obi-Wan Kenobi/Jabba/Leia/Artoo/Binks??/Guess you have the answer now/We've run out of luck/Lucas has come back again/And the prequels suck"


TODAY'S BOOK: "The Amazing Mets", by Jerry Mitchell ((c) 1970)


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Interesting! I knew of the "other" Badger Song (and the relentless "Badger, badger, badger, badger ..."), but didn't know about the Llama Song. I think I like the "Llama" version of the Badger Song better. :-)
Er, the Llama Song IS the original version.

What did you think of my take on it?
I especially liked the "and the prequels suck" line. ;-)
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