Tuesday, August 14, 2007


68th post

I feel right now much the same way as I did ten months ago, writing my first post in the Blog of Ultimate Randomness, knowing the contents of what I wanted to say but not quite sure just how to put them in words.
As I said at the beginning, I planned to post here random wackiness whenever life got too much to handle to get some weight off my chest. As evidenced my my initial seventeen-posts-in-one-month spree, life back then was pretty heavy. But now... Whoa! Hey! No no no, it's not like that at all. I am not, repeat, not shutting down this blog! (Breath easier now.) I will, however, sadly tone down the level of randomness here. No more sentences about marching weasels, cutting lights, or how to improve the taste of caramel. Thus, while the subjects I choose to talk about will be randomly chosen, their contents for the most part will not be.
So, now that that's done, I am as much at a loss as to finding an ending as I was with an opening (notice how easily I dodged that particular bullet?). Perhaps it is only fitting that I conclude this dramatic change in bloggage policy (yes, even more dramatic than this and this) with a random cry of WAKKA WAKKA!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Once on a Time", by A.A. Milne ((c) 1922)

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