Wednesday, October 08, 2008


181st post

Where am I on Google?

"Menachem G. Jerenberg" (8): GBFOS, Back 2 Basics (runner up), Titanstower Monitor Room (Grand Prize co-winner), UMDb (fan memories), TGN (first place, honorable mentions), Issuu online edition of ShiurTimes, IMDb (plot summary), DRB (site review)
"Menachem Jerenberg" (8): GBFOS, Technorati, UMDb (reply to fan memory), RBS List archives, (archived letters page of The Jerusalem Post), Back 2 Basics (runner up announcement), PetitionSpot (Save Teen Titans petition signee), (Message Boards profile)
"Giant Boogers from Outer Space" (15): GBFOS, Technorati, Blogged, Hoosier Journal of Inanity, The Ethereal Garage
"" (9): GBFOS, Technorati, Archgnome Druid (comment by me)
"MetFanMac" (69): (archived posts on Blogger Help), Technorati, GBFOS, some sort of IMDb reprint at a place called, a whole lot of blogs including Metstradamus and GLBF! (comments), (comments), Torah Tidbits (prize winner), I'm Writing Sports (comment), Blogger Help, BoardReader (reprinted IMDb threads), (comment),
"The Wakka Man" (4): FanIQ, TGN
"Darth Obvius" (2): The ISS

TODAY'S BOOK: "A Short History of Nearly Everything", by Bill Bryson ((c) 2003)

TODAY'S WEBSITE: I'm starting a one-year study course in Computer Art on the 30th, and this is the website of the school I'll be attending two evenings a week.

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Bill Bryson rocks. :-) You should also read his book, English and How it Got That Way. The chapter on swearing, in particular, is a must-read!
Read it already. Bryson's one of my top 10 favorite authors :-) I got started with "Notes From a Big Country".
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