Monday, October 19, 2009


Three-year anniversary

Boy, I've really been neglecting this blog, haven't I? Quite a bit of time had to pass before I'd realized this milestone had been reached.
But better late than never! (Or pregnant. But that's a whole 'nother story.)
What's happened since the last, first anniversary?

Sea-of-Green and her Hoosier Journal of Inanity reach out
Where am I on Google?
Finally, the ShiurTimes has gotten around to listing me on its Contributors page.
Deconstructing mayoral campaign slogans
The final edumacational year kicks off

How much do I have?
All my 32s
Disappointing election results...
My first Internet rant
something completely different
Kurt Busiek is awesome
Your Horoscope For Today arrives
The top 32 results for a Google search of "32"
15, a new record for posts in a calendar month

Citius, Fortius, Satius
The most memorable part of an otherwise forgettable movie
Babes aplenty... and a ballcock
It doesn't count as "work" if you have fun doing it
What does all day and Ctrl+V make?
The World's Greatest Criminal Mind is #1
A list of lists finishes off List Month
16, a new record for posts in a calendar month (no, that's not a typo)

The best darn TV commercial ever
Scraping the bottom of the gags barrel
My first ever foray into animation
Please just watch this.
The Wakka Wakkas have their revenge
So do the smocks
Bill Stickers is innocent
Your Horoscope For Today leaves

The deliberately incaustic cartoon
When I first saw this... my eyes bugged out and I began slapping my face hysterically.
The revenge of the injury that was never even remotely funny
Spam addresses
Darth Obvius resurfaces
The ShiurTimes is renamed, ZOMGBBQ
The blog's three thousandth
What a lark. Not!

A little bit
"Blue Beetle" quotes
My first AMV inclusion
The All-Villain Baseball Team
Good luck and Godspeed, guys.
Speculation on Spider-man's middle name and bashing Batman
Reactions to my first fanfic
My less modest contribution to Let's Glorify Guy Week

Just all seriousnessositiness
12 out of 30 MLB teams (40%) begin the season with 32s on their rosters
I saw a lion charging in real life!
An Illustrated room
A look at the babbles' subject
I started off with Ellen Raskin as "mesmerizing".

That's not how you spell Cappuccino or Frappuccino
The top 28 uploadable results for a Google Images search of "32"
Parting ways with the IsraTimes
The greatest Metly 32

The Jerusalem Post. Wow. Just... wow.
Furious Five humanized
First cartoon
Creating a second blog for my artwork

Political cartoons switch over to The Eighth Day
How the All-Star Game became so fleeped up
and four thousandth hits.
Pretty hoity-toity, given that I've got 12 more years to reach that plateau
Together, they fight CRIME.
"Son of man, can these bones live?"

Star Trek: DS9 and Rule 34
and another little bit of YouTube and myself dies
As soon as he saw the duck, Elmer knew it was going to be a bad day.
A whole mess of introductions
Mispelled is misspelled
"Demonstrates defenestration"!

Milagro and her friends will kick your butt
Hallelujah, Abigail...
The final edumacational year comes to a close

Who knows what another year will bring Giant Boogers from Outer Space? Hopefully less apathy.

TODAY'S BOOK: "The Ellimist Chronicles", by K.A. Applegate ((c) 2000)

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