Saturday, October 04, 2008


One-year anniversary

This post you are reading celebrates Giant Boogers from Outer Space's first year online. Of course, it is being printed 364 days too late, but some things are simply unavoidable.
And let me tell ya, that was some first year! Why, since our last anniversary we have experienced all of the following:

The Lost Questors
What more can possibly be said?
The Zuda Comics fiasco
The conversation that had nothing to do with Samuel Beckett

List Month celebrated for the first time
The blog's thousandth

The unfortunate scarcity of Wakka Wakka
Appendicitis's technical knockout of Art
Criticizing Blogger, again
The random Anonymous introduces the random Zombo

Moving on to the ShiurTimes
The best conspiracy theory ever
The resolution of the Zuda problem
Yet another 32-obsessed post (including the title),
and Anonymous first logs in as Khaaan!
My second Honorable Mention in a Teen Titans fanart contest
As promised, the Dictionarized Post
The beginning of random reprints

Harry Potter four-of-a-kind
That asshatted bus driver
First publication of my writing abilities

Getting unrandom for April Fools Day as before
The boy who would not read fiction (!)
A relative's biznitchin' ex-wife
Because no one demanded it!
The first vandalism of the library

Nissim Gini ע"ה הי"ד
Technorati makes no sense
Boobies, one of them blue-footed
Probably no other post in the history of blogging has been written in this manner

Nothing, not even Pokemon, is completely worthless
The edit is that there is no edit
Your life, minus 10 seconds
Rister & Rob's triumphant return after a 15-month hiatus
The awardspace affair reaches its zenith
Intrawebal "Nobody Cares" Day
The blowfish that continues to haunt me to this day
Tales from my Log
Harland Williams gets pwned

Criticizing Blogger once more, but with feeling
15 minutes alone with a pen
My first ShiurTimes hat trick
Some people sure do visit GBFOS with really strange intentions
And more vandalism of the library.
Wiener dog, hot dog, screw, wild ass
14, a new record for posts in a calendar month

It's a pun, geddit?
Comparing Mets sites with Mets players
Whaddaya want, I was bored
and two thousandth hits.
Freakazoid! quotes

Wake Me Up When the School Year Ends
The end of the novel installments
My modest contribution to Whack-a-Lantern Week (Tentacle Thapp included)
The secret to enlarging your Lego building
American Pie babelized. What a hoot
The rudest name in my baseball card collection
Rister & Rob get published
My last Internet rant

And if you think that was good, wait until you see the third-year anniversary...

TODAY'S BOOK: "Chief!", by Albert A. Seedman and Peter Hellman ((c) 1974)

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More Blue-Footed Boobies! ;-)
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