Sunday, October 28, 2007


Two-year anniversary

This is a post celebrating two years of Giant Boogers from Outer Space's online publication; quite unfortunately, it is being written eleven months and one week early. Well, what can ya do?
And such a wonderful two-year anniversary it is! Why, in just two (-11etc) short years we have experienced the following:

Who won World War II?
The identity of God
Wakka Wakka!
Lard Hock Knives
A heartbreaking postseason race
"I'm Weird"
Baru, Dark Lord of the S***
The debut of the Serif PhotoPlus 6 on MetFanMac's computer
Terry Harkness

My life's philosophy
The significance of the number 32, not revealed in the 32nd post
Woot canaw

Some musings on natural phenomenae
The most random song ever created
Some things just depend on how you look at them
The hotline for a certain revolutionarily random revolution involving cat/cats/whatever's appropriate

This is not the New Year anyway
Rister and Rob
The delightfulness of Tenzing Norgay
Official illustrator for Quest
The 32nd post (just in case you were paying attention)

The reason geometry is preferable
The tale of the Decoy Rav Purim (which might really mean Cave Mud Priory)
Teh random grapefruit
Eric NLI visits for the first and not last time
"I am de genius! I am de robot!!"
^ [Don't] wash. [Don't] rinse. Repeat.
Musicians In Training

april fool
This is not your Independence Day, either
The bug that proves Darwin wrong

Musings on other natural phenomenae
Anubis Markets and the return of Today's Website
Numbered randomness--dig?
Merits of the Edit button
Wanna know all my passwords?

Initial stages of my yet-to-be-finished dictonary
Deconstructing Blogspot
Renewing the Mission with a Statement
A new job...
And the first post posted from it.

A postseason race that was somewhat less heartbreaking
The injury that was (and still is) not even remotely funny
What Peter Piper did next
The repeal of the Nachshon Nonaccessibility Factor

Wow! What a maginificent [2] years those were! See you in another two years! Or a week! Or a month from Tuesday!

TODAY'S BOOK: "Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt!", by Jean Fritz ((c) 1991)

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